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Whitepaper: The e-Citizen as Talk, as Text and as Technology: CRM and e-Government

by Academic Conferences InternationalJan 01, 2008

The reform of public services is being carried out in the name of the citizen - but who exactly is this citizen? Ambitious and far-reaching attempts to transform public services - specifically those labeled as ’e-Government’ - bring with them the prospect of a significant shift in the nature of the relationship between government and its citizens. Of particular interest is the notion of the e-Citizen, set against contemporary public management backdrop featuring customer-centric

Whitepaper: Web-Based Course Management and Web Services

by Academic Conferences InternationalJan 01, 2008

Managing online assignment submissions made via email becomes a real challenge (especially when class sizes are large) because it requires huge amounts of storage space and file management skills to process submissions efficiently. The problem is aggravated when more assignments are given as the course progresses. Distributing the responsibility of evaluation amongst staff may alleviate the problem of submission management to some extent, but this requires managing the collation of assignment