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Webcast: Future Coherent Interconnect Technology for Networking Applications

by LSINov 07, 2013

Coherent interconnects will be at the core of next-generation network systems and system-on-chip (SoC) devices. To meet the rapidly growing processing requirements of wireless infrastructure systems and servers, network equipment manufacturers need highly integrated SoCs with a heterogeneous mix of CPU cores. These cores need to handle a mix of general-purpose processing, packet processing, and digital signal processing (DSP) functions. The interconnect at the center of these solutions must maintain cache coherency between cores and provide a low-latency path between the cores, caches, external memory, and networking I/O.

This webinar will explore the market demands and benefits of using a low-latency, coherent interconnect at the core of a next-generation networking SoC with multiple CPU cores and hardware accelerators. It details the technical challenges and looks at a solution for a coherent interconnect with integrated cache and support for DDR3 and DDR4 memories. This webinar also describes a next-generation networking SoC architecture built around a coherent interconnect and available to OEMs as a standard product or custom solution.

Webcast: Packet Processing for Carrier and Enterprise Networks

by LSIMay 30, 2013

Almost every networking and cyber security system today demands complex processing at high performance enabled by efficient multicore or manycore processor solutions.  Intelligent offload, acceleration and portable software programming model are all criteria for the selection of processors.  In this webinar we will review the latest multi-core and many-core processor offerings and explore how they enable high performance packet processing for next generation networking applications, including Wireless L1-L7 protocols, Security, SDN, NFV, and others.

This webinar will:

  • Explain the demands for complex packet processing in the latest networking systems
  • Show how multi-core and many-core processors can deliver both performance and programmability for packet processing and security functions
  • Explore options for decoupling the application/control plane from the data/security plane
  • Review solutions for NFV, SDN, Wireless, and Security

Whitepaper: Considerations for Using Solid-State Storage as an Intelligent Cache to Accelerate Applications

by LSIMay 03, 2013

Solid-state disk (SSD) technologies are top of mind in most discussions of enterprise storage infrastructure today-but there are still IT planners who have postponed the adoption of flash memory-based storage due to questions about acquisition cost or early adoption risk. Learn the four critical questions to ask before adopting flash technology in your data center.

Whitepaper: Survey: The State of Flash in Financial Services

by LSINov 16, 2012

A variety of competitive, regulatory, and technology challenges continue to keep IT professionals awake at night. While new types of software systems address such challenges, flash-based storage and flash-based application acceleration technologies are vital to maximizing the benefits from such applications.

Download �Bullish on Data Center Flash� to learn details of the state of flash-based technology deployments survey, such as:

•  More than three quarters (77 percent) of all financial services firms report using more than 500GB of flash-based storage in their organizations yet only two percent have yet to deploy any flash in their data centers.
•  Ninety-five percent of large financial services firms have adopted flash-based storage with nearly half (49 percent) saying they have more than 5TB of flash deployed.
•  For small/mid-sized firms, more than half (54 percent) have 500GB or more capacity deployed with 13 percent reporting more than 5TB.

Download this white paper to find out how your organization can leverage flash-based technologies to meet business needs today and ensure success in the future.

Whitepaper: Managing the Data Deluge: Enhancing Big Data Analytics in Financial Services with Solid-State Storage

by LSIOct 09, 2012

Precisely what constitutes big data may be a moving target - a single data set can range from dozens of terabytes to a data deluge encompassing multiple petabytes. But the excitement in financial services is about speeding the response times for data analysis and visualization and providing actionable information when it's needed most. Learn more about the key features to benefit all types of big data environments.

Whitepaper: MegaRAID Management Suite: MegaRAID Storage Manager, MegaCLI, WebBIOS

by LSIJan 01, 2008

MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) is an advanced RAID array configuration and management application designed to address the most complex SAS storage topologies. MSM enables administrators to configure, monitor and maintain MegaRAID SAS adapters and the devices connected to them. Its Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes it easy to create and manage storage configurations. It allows monitoring of vital information such as the status of virtual disks, physical disks and other devices, is critical for server and workstation environments.