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Whitepaper: Next Wave In Outsourcing - Knowledge Services From Rural Centers In India Through Virtualization

by Satyam Computer ServicesJan 01, 2008

India has rapidly achieved the status of being the most preferred BPO destination for companies located in the US and Europe. The availability of low cost skilled manpower, a huge English speaking population, and appropriate infrastructure have been the main reasons for these companies to outsource their operations to India. With the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry flourishing in India, more and more companies are establishing operations in the metropolitan cities to capitalize on the available human resource talent and physical infrastructure.

Whitepaper: An Analytical Framework To Enable Knowledge Management Effectiveness

by Satyam Computer ServicesJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Satyam Computer Services describes the perspective of the Satyam Data warehousing group which defines Knowledge and its management. These definitions and elaborations are used to define the scope of analysis for the paper. The approach has been to derive from personal experience the problems and the resolution desired. Also documents that envisage for the group have been used to compensate for the lack of experience consolidation. This paper is to serve as a starting point for a green belt project, which aims at developing a tool, which would be based on this framework developed.