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Whitepaper: uiOne: Using Device Personalization to Promote Mobile Data Services

by QUALCOMMJan 01, 2008

This paper explores how the mobile device User Interface (UI) has evolved to create intuitive user experiences, along with groundbreaking, new applications that have vastly increased device utility. In particular, this paper addresses the benefits that operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), developers, and subscribers achieve with the customization capabilities of the uiOne offering, the comprehensive user interface solution from QUALCOMM. Related discussions include an overview of the unique, tightly integrated architecture of uiOne; the uiOne Software Development Kit (SDK); its application resource templates; and the capabilities provided by the QUALCOMM Professional Services group in ensuring successful UI launches.

Whitepaper: Enabling Notebook Users With Wide-Area Broadband Access

by QUALCOMMJan 01, 2008

The success of WLAN and increased sales in notebook computers has led to an increased demand for wireless broadband access anytime, anywhere. 3G networks provide the wide-area coverage that complements the limited coverage provided by WLAN technology. This white paper discusses the market drivers for the embedded 3G notebook, the capabilities offered by todays 3G networks, 3G and WLAN interoperability, the performance advantages of embedding 3G into the notebook, and the benefits of 3G technologies to the enterprise.

Whitepaper: A Real-World Observation of Wi-Fi

by QUALCOMMJan 01, 2008

The purpose of this paper is to examine Wi-Fi as a wide area mobile data connectivity solution and make clear the facts about wireless WANs. Throughout this paper, keep in mind that QUALCOMM is addressing matters in the real world, not a lab where optimal conditions for radio waves prevail. Prior to the development of Wi-Fi, there were several attempts to deploy similar solutions for voice communications.

Whitepaper: Rationale For Spectrum Neutrality Between CDMA And GSM Operators In India

by QUALCOMMJan 01, 2008

It is of critical importance for the regulator to create a level playing field for wireless operators in India in order to promote further investment in the country. The current spectrum allocation for CDMA operators in India varies from 2.5 to 5 MHz compared with 4.4 to 10 MHz for GSM operators (one-way). The purpose of this white paper from Qualcomm is to present compelling arguments for the regulatory bodies to consider awarding spectrum in a neutral manner that provides equal opportunity for all mobile operators.