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Whitepaper: Unified Communications: What, Why and How? - What Value Can Unified Communications Bring to Your Enterprise?

by Nemertes ResearchJan 01, 2008

Unified communications offer tremendous opportunity to improve enterprise efficiency, speed communications and decision making, streamline tasks, improve workflow, shorten project lifecycles, and improve customer interaction. A successful implementation requires enterprises understand these benefits, determine specific business cases that are applicable to their own organizations, and develop a migration strategy that takes both architecture and organizational factors into account. Enterprises should integrate architectural planning functions for all communications applications via converged teams or cross-functional communities charged with creating an organizational-wide roadmap for adoption of unified communications.

Whitepaper: Securing Virtualized Infrastructure: From Static Security to Virtual Shields

by Nemertes ResearchJan 01, 2008

Data centers have undergone tremendous transformation in the past five years. Virtualization has changed the architecture for servers, storage and networks. IT organizations are using management and provisioning automation to reduce operational cost, and increase responsiveness to business demands. But security is becoming more and more challenging. While virtualization has impacted every part of IT, security lags. As a result, most security products nowadays do not easily support a virtualized infrastructure. Implemented as virtual software appliances or as virtual shields, they can provide security in a pool of virtual servers, regardless of operating system or application.