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Whitepaper: Enterprise Learning: Lessons Learned

by SkillSoftApr 02, 2010

An effective enterprise learning system must be structured and implemented with much forethought so that it not only supports organizational learning, but also the vision and objectives of that company. This whitepaper discusses benchmarking, ROI, and how to increase the chances of success before training even begins.

Whitepaper: The Greening of IT

by SkillSoftApr 02, 2010

A business is greener when it is more efficient and utilizes fewer resources. That's as true for the IT department as it is for any other area of a company. Analysts provide insight into why the most effective approach to green IT is the one that considers an organization's energy consumption and its cost objectives, and what steps leaders can take to expend less energy and save money in IT environments.

Whitepaper: Training Vs. Hiring: Developing Your Staff When Hiring Is Not an Option

by SkillSoftApr 02, 2010

Employees are critical to a company?s competitive progress. This whitepaper offers today?s manager practical strategies for fostering continued employee morale, engagement, and growth for times good and bad.

Whitepaper: Universal Lessons: Training the Global Workforce

by SkillSoftApr 02, 2010

Leadership is hard even in good times. In tough times, the challenges of motivating employees who've seen their colleagues laid off and are worried about their own jobs can seem almost impossible. But managers can develop the skills they need to deal with this crisis and help the organization and its employees emerge stronger from it.

Whitepaper: Using Technology to Enhance Organizational Effectiveness: 5 Success Strategies Revealed

by SkillSoftApr 02, 2010

Three top innovators from Pizza Hut, Inc., Sprint Nextel Corp., and Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, reveal 5 internal success strategies and action points that have made their organizations more resilient, productive and positioned for long term success.

Whitepaper: The Multigenerational IT Department: How to Effectively Manage Conflicting Cultures

by SkillSoftApr 02, 2010

This ExecBlueprint discusses how today?s CTO/CIO can utilize the varying skills, backgrounds, and work habits that a multigenerational team brings to the table to build a high-performing IT department that continues to effectively service the overarching technology needs of the organization.

Whitepaper: On-Demand Learning: Secret to Better Performance

by SkillSoftApr 02, 2010

Looking for more people to perform better quickly and cost-effectively? Today, many companies are using online learning platforms to teach large organizational groups everything from compliance procedures to the principles of project management. Discover the successful methodology to on-demand learning in this whitepaper.

Whitepaper: Building Your IT Staff: Essential Experience and Skill Sets for Tomorrow's Challenges

by SkillSoftAug 24, 2009

Today's IT departments must be true business partners, actively engaged in serving internal and external customers, and aligned with company goals. IT leaders discuss how educating and training IT professionals for leadership leads to high-performance, business-savvy tech teams.

Whitepaper: Leadership Training: Three Perspectives on Development Methods That Work

by SkillSoftAug 24, 2009

Developing talent is job one for human resources professionals to ensure their company's long-term competitiveness. Find out how top HR and talent development experts rely on leadership training inside and outside the classroom to drive alignment with corporate strategic goals and tap into unutilized employee potential.

Whitepaper: The Business Benefits of e-Learning in High-Growth Companies

by SkillSoftMar 26, 2009

Smart companies know that investing in resources to develop new management and professional talent is a top priority. In this Bersin & Associates report, discover how six businesses growing at 10 percent or more a year use e-learning as a fast, effective and strategic tool to develop and nurture talent, scale up operations, and maintain their competitive edge.