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Whitepaper: Eight Phases Of Workplace Learning: A Framework For Designing Blended Programs

by SkillSoftJan 01, 2008

Learning organizations recognize the prevalence of informal or just-in-time learning and search for ways to support this type of learning in tandem with more formal blended training programs. Two trends in workplace learning strongly influence the ways organizations make learning available to their employees, and the types of learning organizations purchase or develop. This paper proposes a structure of eight phases of workplace learning that can serve as a framework for designing blended learning solutions with formal and informal components.

Whitepaper: The SkillSoft Learning Growth Model

by SkillSoftJan 01, 2008

The SkillSoft Learning Growth Model is being used by organizations around the world to chart their course toward the most efficient and effective corporate learning possible. As organizations enter into more advanced forms of learning, it is critical that they have a plan for future development. The journey to performance-oriented learning is one that requires partnership between learning professionals, business peers and executives. For those on the journey, this model will be a valuable aid.

Whitepaper: Making The Abundant Relevant: Solving Today's Learning Challenges Through A Next Generation Technology Architecture

by SkillSoftJan 01, 2008

There are two major challenges facing SkillSoft customers; the need to integrate a wide variety of technology systems and content types, and the need to present content in a way that is relevant to the individual learner. These problems are getting more difficult as the number of content types and technology systems proliferate and the trend toward aligning learning programs with business initiatives accelerates the need for relevance. Industry standards are in place but are not providing a complete solution. Proprietary technology systems continue to frustrate the desire of learning professionals to assemble an abundance of parts into a relevant and meaningful whole that serves business and learner needs.

Whitepaper: Instructional Design Framework In Business Courses

by SkillSoftJan 01, 2008

The purpose of this paper published by SkillSoft is to provide concrete examples of how the four cornerstones of SkillSoft’s Instructional Design Model and Framework are currently applied in SkillSoft’s Business and Professional Development courses. The model is based primarily on the concepts of performance-oriented instruction, mastery, and the sequencing of instructional activities and strategies. In keeping with SkillSoft’s established reputation for continuous and ongoing improvement, this paper will be updated to reflect new features, functions, and instructional design enhancements as they occur.

Whitepaper: SkillSoft Product Strategy Roadmap

by SkillSoftJan 01, 2008

SkillSoft understands that learning professionals are looking for the essential capabilities that are needed to build a scalable solution for organizational learning; one that will serve their current needs and have the flexibility to support them in the future when their needs may change in unpredictable ways. They are looking to provide a greater range of learning opportunities than ever before, everything from compliance and basic skills training to just-in-time performance support and unique learning initiatives aligned with specific business goals.

Whitepaper: The Greening of Training: How Sustainability Is Reshaping Organizational Learning

by SkillSoftFeb 18, 2009

More and more companies are making sustainability a highly visible part of their corporate strategy. There are many factors driving companies to go green, from the desire to improve corporate image to competitive differentiation in the market. But whatever the reason, the training department can be a key part of a green strategy. This dovetails nicely with the overall trend in training to align learning with corporate initiatives. If your company is championing a green strategy, there is a great opportunity for training professionals to become part of the effort. Not only do most environmental programs require employees to learn new ways of doing things, the training department itself can contribute through eco-friendly training methods.

Whitepaper: Best Practices in SOX Compliance

by SkillSoftMar 17, 2009

It is mandatory for public companies across the US to comply with the provisions of the SOX Act. Organizations may face financial penalties as well as reputational hassles in case of failure to comply, which can, in turn, lead to inefficient processes and controls within non-complying organizations. Experts believe that investors� confidence in organizations can be shaken owing to lack of accountability, reliability, and accuracy in corporate disclosures. SOX experts believe that organizations fail these audits because a majority of the companies follow an event-driven approach for compliance. Moreover, the absence of documented control procedures can result in organizations failing SOX audits.

Whitepaper: Healing the Wounds: Overcoming the Trauma of Layoffs and Revitalizing Downsized Organizations

by SkillSoftMar 17, 2009

This summary provides an antidote to the widespread malaise on the American business scene left in the wake of massive layoffs. Drawing on case studies and original research, David M. Noer � a frequently quoted expert in major media such as The Wall Street Journal and Fortune � provides executives, human resource professionals, managers and consultants with an original model and clear guidelines for revitalizing downsized organizations.

Whitepaper: The Business Benefits of e-Learning in High-Growth Companies

by SkillSoftMar 26, 2009

Smart companies know that investing in resources to develop new management and professional talent is a top priority. In this Bersin & Associates report, discover how six businesses growing at 10 percent or more a year use e-learning as a fast, effective and strategic tool to develop and nurture talent, scale up operations, and maintain their competitive edge.

Whitepaper: Leadership Training: Three Perspectives on Development Methods That Work

by SkillSoftAug 24, 2009

Developing talent is job one for human resources professionals to ensure their company's long-term competitiveness. Find out how top HR and talent development experts rely on leadership training inside and outside the classroom to drive alignment with corporate strategic goals and tap into unutilized employee potential.