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Whitepaper: Business Process Management Essentials: Illustrated Using Open Source Technologies

by GLiNTECHJan 01, 2008

BPM standards are on the way. The most important standard for a Business Process Management System (BPMS) to support is BPMN - the Business Process Modeling Notation. There is still a gap in the standards: the integration of user interactions with a business process. BPMS are emerging. The open source ones are improving but caution is recommended when implementing critical high volume business processes. Some custom development is required to integrate BPM systems with Business Activity Monitoring dashboards, in order to provide visibility to the business users, to measure processes based on Key Performance Indicators.

Whitepaper: What Is Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture?

by GLiNTECHJan 01, 2008

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) has received wide coverage in recent years with the proliferation of web services. The purpose of this paper is to define both the meaning and the benefits of SOA, specifically in its enterprise usage (Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture or ESOA) and to expand on what it means to implement an SOA in a given organization.