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Whitepaper: The Foundation of SOA Quality

by MindreefJan 01, 2008

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) moves from early-adopters to mainstream corporate initiatives, companies are challenged to quickly achieve their intended goals of business agility and cost savings from service reuse. ""SOA quality is fast becoming one of the next critical issues that enterprises, consulting firms, and vendors alike must face when implementing SOA."" This paper from Mindreef explores the many facets of SOA quality and more importantly, the primary technology elements that make up the foundation of SOA Quality. SOA is architecture, made up of infrastructure and services that must constantly interoperate with each other.

Whitepaper: Mindreef SOAPscope Server: Effective Collaboration for SOA Projects

by MindreefJan 01, 2008

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is receiving considerable attention due to its ability to integrate corporate data silos and enterprise applications within corporations and outside to key business partners and suppliers. Designing, developing, deploying, and supporting SOA architecture requires unique tools with robust collaboration features. Standard development tools are insufficient by themselves because of the unique requirements of Web services and the complexities of effective services architecture. SOAPscope Server addresses these problems with a unique platform for collaboration among SOA team members.