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The patent-pending Index Engines discovery platform is the only solution on the market to offer a complete view of electronic data assets. Online data is indexed in-stream at wire speed in native enterprise storage protocols, enabling high-speed, efficient indexing of proprietary backup and transfer formats. Index Engines unique approach to offline records scans backup tapes, indexes the contents and extracts relevant data, eliminating the time-consuming restoration process. Index Engines provides the only comprehensive discovery platform across both online and offline data, saving time and money when managing enterprise information.

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Whitepaper: Data Discovery for IT: Analyst Review of New Technology

by Index EnginesNov 13, 2009

In 3.0 Index Engines combines the indexing of primary storage data with backup data that previously required separate processing. Index Engines 3.0 brings a unified view to data indexed from network storage and backup tapes and allows one point access for data discovery and management. This streamlined approach enables IT to leverage eDiscovery efforts to meet larger �IT Discovery�goals.

Whitepaper: Remediate Backup Tapes to Control Liability & Cost

by Index EnginesSep 01, 2009

In the past it was far too expensive and difficult to understand the detailed content of old backup tapes. Discovery efforts required that the content to be restored first, and then analyzed in order to determine what to keep and what can be purged. Restoring thousands or tens of thousands of tapes was out of the question. It would take too much time, money and legacy infrastructure. As a result IT departments have let the mountain of tapes grow taller every day � with no end in sight.

The problem has now been solved by eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming backup restoration and applying a more intelligent approach. New technology scans tapes and then searches and extracts specific files and email without the original backup software. This allows you to only deal with relevant files (less than 1% of the tape content) and not the bulk of useless content.

Whitepaper: Leveraging IT and Electronic Discovery Technology to Meet the Expected Challenges Posed by Recent Changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

by Index EnginesJan 01, 2008

When it comes to electronic discovery, the process of producing digital information as part of a legal matter, ignorance is no longer bliss. The massive volume of enterprise data located in file systems, applications, preprimary storage and archives can be, at any time, discoverable. Recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) underscore the increasing amount of legal matters that involve electronically stored information. Organizations will need to alter discovery processes to rely more on IT as information needs to be located and, in some cases, restored before it is reviewed.