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Whitepaper: The Excess Burden Of Government Indecision

by London Business SchoolJan 01, 2008

This research paper posits, calibrates, and simulates a life cycle model with earnings, lifespan, investment return, and future policy uncertainty. It then measures the excess burden from delayed resolution of policy uncertainty. The first uncertain policy researchers consider concerns the level of future Social Security benefits. Specifically, researchers examine how an age-25 agent would respond to learning at an early age whether she will experience a major Social Security benefit cut starting at age 65. This paper shows that having to wait to learn materially affects consumption, saving, and portfolio decisions.

Whitepaper: Regulatory Forbearance: Why Does Oftel Find It So Hard?

by London Business SchoolJan 01, 2008

The term regulatory forbearance is often used in the sense of the withdrawal of regulation from activity eg the decision by Ofgem that there is sufficient competition in the electricity and gas suppiy markets for them no longer to need to regulate retail sales prices. Oftel has issued Guidelines on use of regulatory forbearance to cover regulated suppliers in the access control services market. The application of this concept is applicable in other areas covered by Oftel including both fixed line and mobile telephony. In this paper by London Business School discusses both the narrower and wider concept of forbearance.

Whitepaper: The Impact Of Good Regulatory Governance On Electricity Industry Capacity And Efficiency In Developing Countries

by London Business SchoolJan 01, 2008

This research paper from London Business School assesses for 28 developing countries whether the existence of a regulatory law and higher quality regulatory governance are significantly associated with superior electricity outcomes. The analysis draws on theoretical and empirical work on the impact of independent central banks and of developing country telecommunications regulators.