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Whitepaper: Big Data Analytics Guide 2012

by SybaseOct 16, 2012

What's the big deal with Big Data? Today, organizations of all types and sizes are inundated with enormous data sets from various internal and external sources-from transactional data to unstructured data from social media and other sources. Organizations can struggle to get ahead of-or out from under-the increasing piles of data flooding into their businesses, or they can use innovative new technologies to leverage the data to gain competitive advantage, fight fraud, ease regulatory compliance,

Whitepaper: Solutions Overview: The Power of Predictive Analytics

by SybaseJun 25, 2012

As competitors become more aggressive, organizations are moving from BI tools that offer a snapshot of the past to those that offer a view of the present and a prediction of the future. Learn why Sybase IQ is purpose-built for predictive analytics.

Whitepaper: Intelligence for Everyone: Transforming Business Analytics Across the Enterprise

by SybaseJun 25, 2012

Worried about massive data sets, increasing number of users, and more and more data types? This free guide presents case studies on the significant ROI of analytics within enterprises dealing with those exact circumstances and more.

Whitepaper: Key Challenges in Risk Management: How Immediate Access to Integrated Information Can Mitigate Risk

by SybaseJun 25, 2012

How long can a business afford to wait for information about position and exposure risk? That is the question for financial institutions in 2012.

Following the financial crisis and increased regulatory pressure, the market has seen a big turning point in risk management. Market volatility and a recognition that counterparty risk is very real have resulted in risk management systems starting to be viewed as strategic assets. Investments have been focused on enabling a holistic view of

Whitepaper: Gartner Predicts 2012: Cloud Computing and Event Processing Will Be the Key Advances in Application Architecture

by SybaseJun 25, 2012

This research brings IT executives up-to-date on how cloud computing and event stream processing technologies will evolve during the next one to three years.

Whitepaper: Capital Markets Guide 2012: How to Prosper Amid Big Data, Market Volatility, and Changing Regulations

by SybaseJun 25, 2012

Focusing on technological innovation, business strategy and geographical markets, this guide provides thought leadership on how capital markets firms can capitalize on real-time data and leverage new risk strategies for a trading advantage.

Whitepaper: Introduction to Complex Event Processing (CEP) in Capital Markets

by SybaseApr 29, 2012

This free Sybase presentation provides a high-level overview of Complex Event Processing (CEP). It begins by defining CEP and its capital markets applications, and culminates with the powerful Sybase CEP platform and its features and benefits.

Whitepaper: The Power of Real-time Continuous Intelligence with ESP

by SybaseApr 29, 2012

This free white paper shows you how leading financial services companies are reaping the benefits of Continuous Intelligence by converging on the right information, and instantly acting upon relevant signals to gain a competitive advantage.

Whitepaper: Execution Analytics: Real-Time Challenges and Directions in Institutional Trading

by SybaseApr 29, 2012

This white paper looks at managing securities trading data based on a robust process and technology infrastructure. It studies real-time analytics and Complex Event Processing (CEP) and the roles they play in the management of diverse data sets.

Whitepaper: Counterparty Risk: Are We Leveraging Our Tools?

by SybaseApr 29, 2012

Counterparty risk has long been a source of concern for risk managers. However, the financial crisis brought new urgency to counterparty risk management for risk practitioners, regulators and financial firms alike, as exposure to collapsing giants left the industry reeling. That urgency has been punctuated by the global economy's current struggles, as firms grapple with new regulations, the European debt crisis and fears of a double-dip recession.

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