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Whitepaper: Email Security: Beyond the Hype and Hyperbole

by ClearswiftJan 01, 2008

Every business depends on email and the Internet. But reading the press, it’s tempting to believe that the risks sometimes outweigh the benefits. Viruses, phishing, spyware, spam, trojans, worms, pornography, hate mail and the like are presented, particularly by the press, as some sort of remorseless digital plague sent down from on high to damage businesses everywhere. Today, no organization could consider switching off its email or web access. The Internet is digital DNA, enabling instant communication, collaboration and access to information.

Whitepaper: The Threat Within the Dangers of Unrestricted Employee Use of Corporate IT Systems

by ClearswiftJan 01, 2008

This paper from Clearswift describes that, very few companies are paying sufficient attention to the very significant issue of internal threats. On average, there is eight times as much email sent internally as there is externally. Together with unrestricted web usage, the threat from breaches of security originating from inside the company’s firewall can be punitive. Government statistics back this claim up: according to the 2004 DTI’s Information Security Breaches Survey (produced by the UK DTI), one third of British businesses say that the source of their worst security incident is internal