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Whitepaper: MpacT - Contact Center Performance Management System

by MphasiS BFLJan 01, 2008

Contact Centers that can clearly identify, articulate, and execute their strategic goals are well positioned to compete and succeed. To effectively achieve these goals, contact centers must measure and manage actual business performance in a highly coordinated manner. In the process, it’s critically important for management to create a culture of accountability, clearly communicating both strategy and goals, meeting all data access and information delivery requirements, and involving everyone from Agents to Senior Management in a closed-loop process of continual improvement.

Whitepaper: What Is Offshore Program Management Service?

by MphasiS BFLJan 01, 2008

Offshore Program Management Services aids in setting up an offshore center while avoiding the pains and risks involved by leveraging on the expertise brought by MphasiS. Offshoring of business processes has become a strategic imperative for global firms to reduce costs and thereby improve profitability. These ’low cost’ locations not only provide for lower operational costs but also provide performance arbitrage. The current debate in most organizations is therefore is not on whether it is meaningful to offshore, but on how to offshore effectively. This white paper published by MphasiS BFL addresses concerns on how to offshore.