Fighting the Common Enemy: Addressing the Real-world Risks of Cybersecurity

by Nuix

Jan 28, 2016

Download Cybersecurity is usually discussed as a threat to our personal or organizational finances. However, cybercrime can hurt us physically as well as financially and there is relatively little discussion on the risks of cyberattacks on physical infrastructure or the growing role of cybercrime in the operation and funding of terrorist groups--and the dangers are real and growing.

Whatever threats they are trying to defend against, three broad groups of individuals and organizations are involved in defeating cybercrime:

  • Intelligence agencies
  • Incident response investigators
  • Network operations centers
All these groups are trying to fight a common enemy but don't talk to each other due to cultural and technological impediments. We need to overcome these blockages so society can better address the serious threats of cybercrime and cyberterrorism. Making threat information accessible and easy to share among intelligence, investigative, and operations personnel will deliver a unified way to fight the common enemy.