CrowdStrike Cyber Intrusion Services Casebook: Lessons from Real-Life Incident Response Engagements

Nov 19, 2015

Download This report from CrowdStrike's highly respected in-house Incident Response services team discloses hard-hitting facts and insights into recent global attacks targeting large organizations. Based on decades of experience in the field, and focusing on actual intrusion cases the team has remediated during the past three years, the report reveals information that will change the way executives and security professionals view such attacks in the future. It also provides proactive steps that can dramatically improve an organization's success rate in detecting, preventing and responding to attacks. Download the report to learn:

  • New tactics attackers are using to gain and maintain access to victim networks
  • How quickly adversaries attempt to re-infect an organization
  • Remediation tactics and tools you can use to remove attackers from your network
  • Proactive steps you can take to improve your success in detecting, preventing and responding to targeted attacks