Research: SDN: Deployment Plans and Tech Ecosystem

Dec 19, 2012


Status Of Deployments

Software-defined networking deployments are rare; only 4% of respondents to the InformationWeek 2012 Software-Defined Networking Survey have SDN in operation in a production network. Another 21% say they will have SDN in a production network in six months to a year. While those are low numbers, they are also consistent with a new technology, particularly one that fundamentally transforms the way networks are deployed and operated.

This report examines the deployment plans of our survey respondents. It also drills into the efforts of the Open Networking Foundation, including interoperability testing and new initiatives, such as architecture and framework, new transport options, northbound API development and forwarding abstractions. The report also provides a taxonomy of the members of the ONF.

In addition, we present SDN strategies from 17 vendors, both established companies and startups. We also examine the adoption life cycle for SDN based on author Geoffrey Moore's "Crossing the Chasm."

For an overview of SDN and the different architectural approaches that companies can take, see "Understanding Software-Defined Networks." (R6001212)

Survey Name  InformationWeek 2012 Software-Defined Networking Survey
Survey Date  July 2012
Region  North America
Number of Respondents  250
Purpose  To gauge awareness of and adoption plans for software-defined networking and OpenFlow technology.

Research Report