Sybase PowerBuilder: A Tradition of Productivity Evolved for Modern Developer Ecosystems

by SAP

Oct 22, 2012

Download Revolutionary at its inception for defining and popularizing this specific genre of distributed application development, the PowerBuilder 12.5 development environment today combines functional maturity with aggressive modernizations that keep it a viable and compelling tool for tackling business applications.

Sybase PowerBuilder has remained throughout the years a bastion of application development productivity for a wide class of enterprise applications that combine database access with a highly productive graphical user interface (GUI).

The strategic direction taken by the PowerBuilder team has meant that the product can now be considered equally viable for evolving existing applications and for developing new ones.

In this white paper we discuss the progress of Sybase PowerBuilder and assess the overall strategic options facing many PowerBuilder customers with respect to the evolution of their PowerBuilder applications.

While the visibility of the PowerBuilder toolset is not where it used to be in the early 1990s, we find that the original value proposition of the product has endured and the strategic direction taken by Sybase to evolve the installed base is sound and well thought through.

The PowerBuilder road map enables PowerBuilder applications to be brought into alignment with the successful Microsoft .NET platform and the familiar Visual Studio IDE, including many third-party controls.