How Type 4 JDBC Drivers Limit Modern Java Environments

Jul 01, 2010

Download Need to boost the performance of your JPA, Hibernate, or Spring-based Java applications. . . but can't seem to tune them further?

Want to leverage the latest database features in your application but can�t do it without changing application code?

Trying to lower your application memory and CPU footprint but haven�t figured out where to optimize?

Good questions. With a simple yet surprising answer: Many of the Type 4 JDBC drivers available today impose painful limitations on the modern Java ecosystem. These limitations often cripple Java applications and environments, yet are rarely thought to be the source of the problem. But now there�s something you can do�

Watch this Webinar that will explain:

� What the limitations of most Type 4 drivers are *

� How these limitations impact modern data-driven Java applications of all shapes and sizes

� How to determine if the Type 4 JDBC drivers you are using have these limitations


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