These Go to 11: Are Type 5 JDBC Drivers More Than Just Type 4 + 1

Jul 01, 2010

Download Whether you recognize the title of the Webinar from the movie, This is Spinal Tap � or you've yet to see the movie � one thing is for sure: It's vital to watch this eye-opening Webinar that challenges your assumptions about data access in Java. For example. . . Have you ever thought or said. . .

� "Type 4 means that a JDBC driver can be deployed anywhere"

� "JDBC driver performance at 1 connection will scale linearly for 100s of them"

� "I use Hibernate / JPA / Spring, I don't need JDBC"

� "Tuning or configuring my JDBC driver means I have to change my code"

� �All JDBC drivers are all pretty much the same"

If you answered yes to any of these, you are one of many who share in these 5 common misconceptions about data access in Java � misconceptions that are wrong and potentially very harmful. In fact, they're the source of many problems faced by organizations that use Java-based data-driven applications.

You owe it to yourself to watch this Webinar.

If you're like many Java developers and architects, you may not realize there's a solution. The good news is that when you attend this Webinar, you will hear about the limitations of Type 4 drivers and how Type 5 JDBC drivers take advantage of the past decade of innovation in database features, data access models, and virtualization technologies without requiring code changes.


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