Continuous Testing with ElectricCommander

Aug 01, 2009

Download Drive quality earlier in the development process with continuous testing.

Large development organizations have increasingly been adopting select agile practices to enable faster development, create more reliable software, and reduce costs. Chief among these practices is providing developers early and frequent feedback from users, from other developers, and especially from the programming, build, and test tools. In the latter category, continuous integration and continuous testing are emerging as valuable techniques for identifying errors early so they can be corrected immediately by the developer who made the code changes.

Most organizations that want to implement these practices face the challenge of scalability�how to implement continuous integration and testing for code bases that contain tens of millions of lines of code, involve many teams of developers, or run on numerous targets and platforms.

This white paper discusses ElectricCommander and how it uniquely delivers enterprise-level continuous integration with full support for all forms of continuous testing�without requiring modification to existing infrastructure, test tools, or established practices.