Coverity Maintains Software Integrity of Sun Microsystems’ Award-Winning Storage Products

Apr 20, 2010

Download For customers of Sun Microsystems� long-term storage products, quality is rarely an issue. Sun is a global leader in network computing infrastructure solutions with well-known brands such as Java, Solaris, MySQL, and StorageTek.

In a highly competitive market, companies like Sun constantly need to increase quality and reliability, speed delivery, and reduce costs just to stay even with its rivals. Coverity Static Analysis is a great addition to help not only achieve these objectives, but also surpass them. It has proven to be a tool that can find defects earlier, which reduces development costs and accelerates time to market.

Using Coverity Static Analysis also results in higher quality products in the field because there is more complete coverage of exception handling code in testing. Finally, the real-time feedback improves software developers� coding skills resulting in fewer testers needed relative to the number of developers. These benefits help Sun and its already award-winning products to not just stay on par with the competition, but widen the gap between Sun and its challengers.