How To Successfully Automate the Functional Testing Process

Oct 16, 2012

Download Today's software development organizations face a triple challenge. They must optimize the quality of increasingly complex software applications to deliver winning solutions that yield a high ROI and drive competitive advantage. To solve this challenge, many forward-thinking companies have turned to automation, recognizing its potential to thoroughly test, rapidly develop and reduce the cost of delivering high-quality applications.

But automated testing solutions are not one-size-fits-all. In fact, 85% of organizations that attempt automation fail because they mistakenly believe that simply buying a test automation product will solve their lack-of-time and lack-of-resource problems. The companies that succeed, on the other hand, realize that an automated functional testing solution is only part a much larger strategic endeavor - one that calls for an initial investment in planning a quality-driven software development process, training quality-related personnel and developing the right test framework before they can achieve the benefits of automation.

Read this white paper to gain practical insights from these companies and learn how you can successfully deploy an automated functional testing process in your own organization.


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