Key Capabilities of a Service Virtualization Solution

Apr 30, 2013

Download All large companies with a reliance on IT must deal with the constraints of systems such as mainframes, components under development and sensitive data sources that delay projects. Inevitably, teams try to either copy a complete environment in a test lab, or "mock up" responsive systems by coding their own versions for test purposes. This has become a costly and time-consuming endeavor. In essence, Service Virtualization (SV) is the productization of the practice of "mocking and stubbing" dev and test environments, with enough realism and context to push development forward faster, while shifting testing left in the lifecycle so integration and release processes can happen faster, with higher quality and less risk. What follows are a number of capabilities your organization should look for in a Service Virtualization solution, enabling your extended teams to get high quality applications to market faster, with lower cost and risk.


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