The State of Git in the Enterprise

Mar 06, 2013

Download Git was created for development speed and according to our survey results, this is exactly why organizations from a wide range of sectors have turned to it. Its speed and powerful branching and merging have led to its adoption within companies of all sizes, both in terms of employee size and annual revenue. Git's adoption in the enterprise, is clearly seen as a shining point.

Specifically, Git is enabling development teams to be more agile and innovative, and to move at a fast pace. Survey data reveals that Git is almost always associated with leading-edge mobile, social and cloud-based applications, along with more frequent product iterations.

As with all tools, Git has shortcomings that lead to challenges and concerns among its users, and in particular with management in enterprise settings. Those key challenges are with regard to security, governance and administration at scale.

To make up for these shortcomings, enterprises are adopting a hybrid approach to source code management (SCM) usage, making it a vital if not major part of their development process. They also prefer to complement SCM with central administration and governance functions.