Why Java Needs Type 5 JDBC Drivers

Jul 01, 2010

Download Have your JPA, Hibernate, or Spring-based applications experienced performance issues after migrating from proof-of-concept to production deployment?

Have you tried to add new database features to an application but were forced to change your code or come up with a complicated, brittle workaround?

Have you ever stopped to think "is the JDBC driver that I am using the cause of my problems?"

Even though they are used with virtually every major Java-based enterprise application deployment, JDBC drivers aren't something most people think about.

Watch this Webinar featuring two JDBC experts, Jonathan Bruce and Jesse Davis as they discuss and debate the need for a new type of JDBC driver -- a Type 5 JDBC driver that:

� Overcomes the limitations of Type 4 JDBC driver architecture

� Delivers better Java application performance regardless of what data access model the application uses

� Allows modern data-driven Java applications to easily take advantage of years of innovation in database features without requiring code changes

Watch this webcast to learn what a Type 5 JDBC driver is and to get your questions about it answered.


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