Next Generation Endpoint Protection Case Study: International Republican Institute (IRI)

Mar 03, 2016

Download Concerned with intensified threats against their operations both at home and in the field, IRI understood that they needed an industry-leading partner with a comprehensive understanding of advanced global adversary groups to best defend their systems and data against cyber attack. Recognizing the impact an attack could have on operations at headquarters and in the field, IRI needed a partner that not only provided visibility across all endpoints and next-generation protection against adversaries, but also a provider they could rely on for 24/7/365 monitoring and support. Read this case study to learn about IRI's unique challenges and why they chose CrowdStrike, including:

  • How an evaluation of the Falcon Platform instantly uncovered an attack that had been missed by Firewalls and Whitelisting solutions.
  • The importance of Cloud deployment for protecting field offices & endpoints
  • How managed hunting helps IRI reduce 'alert fatigue' and focus on what matters