Research: Windows 8

Dec 14, 2011


Windows 8 is an ambitious effort from Microsoft. The company’s forthcoming operating system will be available for PCs, servers and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Microsoft is launching this three pronged attack to maintain its dominance on servers and PCs while simultaneously growing its presence on tablets and smartphones.

On the server front, we share a detailed examination of Windows Server 8. The new OS makes significant changes to Hyper-V, including improved live migration, better support for Fibre Channel, and more feature-rich virtual networking. These enhancements are essential for Microsoft to compete more strongly with VMware. In addition, the new server OS has improved its management capabilities and made PowerShell a more useful administration console. We also examine three changes you may not like, including a revamped UI that does away with an interface that many administrators have grown comfortable
with. (R3651011)

Survey Name InformationWeek AnalyticsWindows 8 Survey
Survey Date October 2011
Region North America
Number of Respondents 973 business technology professionals
Purpose To examine technology trends and strategies within the healthcare sector

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