Research: Application Consolidation

Sep 30, 2010


Application Consolidation: Balancing the Software Portfolio

'We’ve heard a lot about application portfolio rationalization lately, but how much headway are CIOs really making in hacking away the dead wood? And are their efforts making the business more efficient—the real goal? To find out, we launched a survey to explore the extent and execution of companies’ efforts to trim their application footprints and consolidate vendors and products.

Nearly 640 business technology professionals took part in our InformationWeek Analytics Application Consolidation Survey, sharing their strategies and motivations. To be clear, we’re not focusing on virtualization or server or operating system consolidation within data center environments. Rather, this survey and report cover application service functions, like billing, HR or inventory management, delivered by business software, such as CRM, ERP or BI tools. Reducing the number of these applications that an organization must support is seen by many as a key tool for CFOs and CIOs looking to streamline operations. And in fact, the primary factor driving respondents’ efforts is cost-saving initiatives, by a wide margin.

But how is this playing with the rank and file? Is leadership’s zeal for consolidation trickling down, or will user resistance derail these efforts?

“App consolidation is a continuous battle in our organization,” says one poll respondent. “New apps appear, old apps die, with not as much control as I’d like.” Deciding to rationalize your application load is easy. Actually doing it on an organizationwide basis takes a significant, long-term commitment from all levels of leadership. In this report, we’ll discuss how to get there, including our requirements compilation and validation exercise. (R1321010)

Survey Name: InformationWeek Analytics Application Consolidation Survey
Survey Date: June 2010
Region: North America
Number of Respondents: 638

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