Best Practices: Top Mobile Productivity Tools for Finance

Jul 12, 2012


The Mobility Effect on Productivity

As a collection of information-driven businesses, the financial services industry is in a prime position to take advantage of the productivity benefits of mobile IT. Owing to mobile technology and cloud computing, today's information workers no longer have to be tethered to a wired desktop in order to have access to the latest data and applications. Conversations can be taken to the customer, with the resulting processes initiated immediately in real time rather than in batch mode back at the office.

Yet the financial services industry also poses a unique challenge in that it is a highly regulated enterprise with strict controls over information security and customer privacy. Firms have to balance the opportunities with the risks, taking measure of their own capabilities, the demands of customers and the nature of their products.

In this report, we look at five sectors of the financial industry where mobile technology is transforming productivity: retail banking, business banking, capital markets, insurance and wealth management. (S5370712)

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