FedRAMP: Catalyst for Government Hybrid Cloud

Oct 06, 2014


Cloud First and FedRAMP

"Hybrid clouds are the future of enterprise computing." That's how we opened a recent report on the hurdles IT faces when implementing a hybrid architecture in large organizations. We have plenty of data to back up the assertion:

>> Of the 47% of respondents to the InformationWeek Hybrid Cloud Survey using, piloting or developing private clouds, the majority are building hybrid public/private systems.

>> Influential IT vendors like VMware, with vCloud Air, and Hewlett-Packard, which recently acquired Eucalyptus to improve integration between its OpenStack private cloud offering and Amazon Web Services, are making big investments in hybrid technology.

>> Industry analysts like Gartner and IDC predict that hybrid clouds will soon be deployed in the majority of enterprises, running a growing share of enterprise workloads.

But what about government IT? 

Most of the survey data, analyst research, and market buzz is focused on enterprises. However, government agencies face the same demands -- for more capacity, more applications for mobile devices and remote users, and faster service deployments -- all while living with stagnant budgets. Our take is that agencies should be just as aggressive as their commercial counterparts in moving to cloud. Granted, government IT pros face some unique regulatory hurdles, procurement requirements, and IT processes. But these shouldn't impede adoption thanks to initiatives, such as Cloud First, the site, and FedRAMP, that are designed to simplify cloud use by government agencies. (S8171014)


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