Accelerate your transition to the cloud with a prevalidated and secure infrastructure solution

Mar 04, 2013

Download Jointly designed by NetApp, Cisco, and VMware, the FlexPod™ data center solution is a complete, integrated cloud architecture consisting of leading storage, networking, and server technologies. It was designed to reduce the cost and complexity of implementing the federal Cloud-First policy and other cloud initiatives, with a secure, pretested, shared infrastructure solution that has been validated in a lab environment.

•  Reduce business risk and time to deployment for all your applications.
•  Increase efficiency and decrease costs with a simplified shared, virtualized infrastructure.
•  Improve IT agility and protect your technology investment.

FlexPod is a pre-tested and validated solution that combines networking, computing and storage in a shared infrastructure and supports multiple applications and workloads to help customers accelerate and simplify their transition to the cloud.


GTSI, NetApp, Cisco, VMware