Cloud Computing for National Security Applications

Jun 19, 2008

Download Through collaboration with leading industry partners, Dataline is integrating an end-to-end solution for secure cloud computing. Called Service Oriented Architecture � Real Time (SOA-R), this solution integrates:
� Real-time services oriented architecture;
� Multi-tiered, high-performance storage;
� Event driven automated workflows;
� Mission specific applications and web services;
� Highly reliable, virtualized, hardware infrastructure;
� Efficient wide area networking with accelerate geosynchronous satellite IP throughput;
� Information access through secure Mobile Adhoc Networking.

SOA-R provides the benefits of cloud computing and secure ad-hoc mobility in a modular, standards-based implementation framework. By exploiting the advantages of a service oriented approach, web services and interfaces specific to the national security business domain are being developed and enhanced for deployment from and interface with a cloud computing infrastructure. By doing this, Dataline, in concert with its partners, can provide leading edge solutions without the risk typically associated with early adoption of leading edge technologies.