Ease Into The Cloud with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6

by Redhat

Mar 25, 2014

Download Cloud computing has a lot of appeal, from autoscaling to lower costs, and it's all just a few clicks away.

Thus, the big question is not "why cloud?" but rather "how cloud?" Like many shifts in IT, cloud computing is a journey-one that may take years to complete, and one that depends on your definition of "complete." In truth, some applications? technology will never be truly considered final.

Red Hat been working on the answer to getting customers easily to the cloud for a long time and understands that application platforms need to span from your existing on-premise world into the cloud, whether it's your cloud or someone else's cloud. It's not really about using one platform here and a different one there. It's about one platform to get you wherever you want to go, on your timetable.