Mobile Data Center Brings the Mobile Cloud to Life: Portable, Mobile Data Centers Aligned with Army Operations

Apr 03, 2013

Download By following this blueprint, the Army has the opportunity to not only align itself with federal consolidation and cloud mandates, but also maximize the potential of the APC2 contract and achieve more flexible, cost-effective, and tactical IT operations with an APC2 Mobile Data Center (MDC).

APC2 MDC brings the Mobile Cloud to life with a range of energy-efficient, rugged, easily transportable cloud solutions.

This white paper provides the details needed for deployment of portable, modular and mobile data centers in environments where deployed and non-deployed private cloud computing is needed to support mission goals. MicroTech has partnered with NetApp and other technology leaders to build innovative, leading-edge solutions that are uniquely designed to meet the varying needs of Army operations.

Download this valuable white paper today to see how MicroTech will deliver the performance, ease of use, and security required to bring the power and efficiencies of the cloud to even the most remote theaters of operation.


MicroTech and NetApp