9 Reasons why Citrix NetScaler beats F5

by Citirx

Aug 13, 2013

Download Citrix NetScaler beats F5's BIG-IP and VIPRION devices in making enterprise networks cloud-ready.

Application delivery controllers (ADC) are one of the most critical elements of federal government cloud infrastructures and enterprise datacenter architectures. ADCs strongly impact performance, scale and security of the entire application environment, so it is extremely important for federal IT leaders to choose the right one.

Relied upon to power the world's largest enterprise datacenters and cloud networks, Citrix NetScaler is universally recognized as an outstanding ADC. It is a highly integrated service delivery platform that accelerates application performance, provides 100% application availability, improves the efficiency of application and database servers and protects applications from attack. Available as a hardened network appliance, software-based virtual appliance or virtualized, multi-tenant solution, Citrix NetScaler has become the ADC of choice for leading cloud providers and enterprises across the globe.

Download this Citrix White Paper to see the 9 important areas where Citrix NetScaler TriScale technology beats F5 in making federal enterprise networks cloud-ready.