Improving DevOps Collaboration in Government

by IBM

Jan 14, 2013

Download The past several years have been a game-changer for government at all levels. Agencies have been charged with reducing their data center footprint, moving to the cloud whenever possible, improving collaboration, increasing transparency and accountability, managing ever-increasing data stores, and improving decision-making.

At the same time, agencies are faced with the same challenges as the rest of the business world - incorporating and adapting to mobile devices and applications, social media, and perhaps most of all, keeping up with the speed at which technology changes.

Many have taken the first step by automating, standardizing and collaborating on tasks that are performed across both development teams, and the operations team, a capability commonly referred to as DevOps. By doing so, they integrate development, testing and deployment into a more seamless process, which helps avoid roadblocks at crucial points in the application development process.