Wrangling Actionable Insights from Organizational Data

Apr 01, 2014

Download ThunderCat recently issued a white paper titled, "Wrangling Actionable Insights from Organizational Data," which shines a light on how organizations can best leverage data in highly actionable ways.

The paper discusses how the public sector is struggling with data because it is growing exponentially; arriving from multiple channels; gaining in complexity; and requires strictly mandated security controls.

Fortunately Koverse, a ThunderCat partner, provides analytic capabilities in a scalable, secure multi-tenant environment, built using well-established technologies. The Koverse platform does not replace existing analytics applications. Instead, it complements BI tools and other enterprise applications.

When Koverse is added to an existing environment, organizations can expect to realize significant benefits, including:

• Regulatory Compliance Gains

• Organizational Knowledge Gains

• Information Sharing Gains

In addition, NetApp, another ThunderCat partner, is bringing additional value to government big data implementations by introducing a Hadoop shared storage architecture. By using the NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop architecture, federal customers gain the ability to scale storage independently from compute resources, creating more efficient and cost-effective big data analytics.


Thundercat Technology, NetApp