Research: Managed Print Services for Government Agencies

Nov 17, 2011


Print Shop: Federal Agencies Benefit From Managed Services

Printers and copiers are a hot topic for federal government agencies looking to save money and energy, and, like their counterparts in the private sector, those agencies are turning to managed print services to streamline their resources. MPS helps agencies tailor their infrastructure to match their printing needs, usually reducing the overall number of printers.

The move to managed services is being spurred by a General Services Administration initiative that lets federal agencies use a blanket purchase agreement for two areas: print environment assessment and tailored print services packages. Agencies can save millions of dollars by pooling their printer and copier purchases.

We look at the ways the Federal Aviation Administration, the Census Bureau and the Department of Commerce have implemented MPS, from evaluating their printing needs to getting management and user buy-in, and offer tips on how to make it all work. (R3220911GOV)

Survey Name: InformationWeek Printing Options Survey
Survey Date: July 2011
Region: North America
Number of Respondents: 199, from organizations with $500 million or more in revenue (or who declined to disclose) and 500 or more employees
Purpose: To determine the role of managed print services in the enterprise.

Research Report