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Daily Federal Compliance & Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring

by Thundercat Technology / SolarWindsAug 27, 2014

Each U.S. federal agency must implement information security safeguards, audit these safeguards annually, and make an accounting to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). However, agencies face a number of challenges in implementing and monitoring these safeguards such as constantly-changing IT systems and a lack of specialized tools.

The good news is that even seemingly small measures can have a significant impact. In this white paper, we discuss:

• How FISMA and the

Optimize Programs and Fulfill Mandate Expectations with Project and Portfolio Governance

by OracleOct 29, 2012

Knowing which programs your agency should support doesn't have to be a guessing game. With Oracle's Primavera Portfolio Management's enterprise approach to governance, agency executives can align projects with strategic goals, balance spending and assess risk.

This paper addresses the challenges and benefits of implementing a strategic governance solution to assist in better portfolio management and, ultimately, improved delivery of high value capabilities and citizen services from all

Improve Outcomes with the VMware Care Systems Analytics Solution

by VMwareJun 13, 2013

Information informs patient care. With more accurate data, caregivers can deliver better outcomes, faster. Yet, this reality is only possible when care systems are effectively managed to streamline complexity and support big data. This white paper examines how VMware is delivering new levels of automation, analytics and intelligent policy management to modernize and improve healthcare IT architectures.

Business Agility & the True Economics of Cloud Computing

by VMwareJun 13, 2013

Read the results of a McKinsey & Company survey that reveals a direct link between implementing cloud computing and improving business agility.

IBM Patient Care and Insights: Identify new intervention and treatment opportunities and deliver coordinated, personalized care to help improve patient outcomes and lower costs

by IBMFeb 20, 2013

The healthcare industry is poised for a transformation in patient care. As healthcare organizations around the world strive to deliver new treatments and meet expectations for higher-quality care, reduced costs and better outcomes, they face a critical shortage of resources and an increasing incidence of chronic disease, which costs the US economy more than USD1 trillion annually.

To address these challenges and capitalize on tremendous opportunities for improving patient care,

Cloud Storage: Adoption, Practice and Deployment

by Red Hat, Inc.Aug 17, 2012

There are nearly as many definitions of cloud storage as there are providers of cloud services. In simplest terms, cloud storage is data storage or services hosted remotely on servers and storage devices on the Internet or a similar private network, usually hosted by a third party. GlusterFS is now Red Hat Storage Server offering organizations the option to scale-out storage either on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid approach.

An Introduction to Red Hat Storage Architecture

by Red Hat, Inc.Aug 17, 2012

Over the past ten years, enterprises have seen enormous gains in scalability, flexibility, and affordability as they migrated from proprietary, monolithic server architectures to architectures that are virtualized, open source, standardized, and commoditized. Unfortunately, storage has not kept pace with computing. The proprietary, monolithic, and scale-up-solutions that dominate the storage industry today do not deliver the scalability, flexibility, and economics that modern datacenter and

Scale-Out Storage Market Forecast 2010-2015

by Red Hat, Inc.Aug 17, 2012

The core architecture of external storage solutions have gone largely unchanged for the past 20 years. Until recently, scale-out storage was a solution for niche markets. It has been tucked away in an IT corner, mostly used in HPC, scientific computing, and media and entertainment environments. A good deal of data center spending was put on hold, recently there has been uptake in scale-out storage, but adoption was clearly hampered by IT budget pressures. Now, with a healthier data center

The Economics of Scale-Out Storage

by Red Hat, Inc.Aug 17, 2012

Scale-out storage technologies have rapidly gained popularity over the past several years, successfully crossing the chasm from niche technology to mainstream enterprise solution. As this shift occurs, an increasing number of enterprises are seeking to understand the advantages of the newer technology when it comes to the storage of exploding amounts of unstructured data.

While many sources have investigated the advantages of scale-out storage from a technology perspective, few have

The Case for Smarter Healthcare

by IBMMay 14, 2012

Even as medical science advances, demand for health services increasingly outstrips supply, revealing critical flaws in the systems we use to deliver care.

In some countries healthcare costs are growing twice as fast as inflation; in the United States alone more than $850 billion is wasted each year on things like duplicate lab tests, preventable conditions, and inefficient paper-based systems; and millions of people every year are injured because of prescription medication



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