Mind The Gap: CISOs Work To Narrow The Breach-To-Detection Gap For Better Security

Aug 01, 2011

Download In this age of compliance, most retailers do what�s required to become compliant, but often fail to improve security through these efforts. In fact, several organizations have achieved compliance but still have been breached�even though they had the data needed to head those breaches off before any significant damage was done. So how did they miss this critical evidence? Unfortunately, IT security teams are inundated with data from many sources that they cannot find the �needles in the haystack� fast enough, if at all. Achieving and maintaining compliance and security in the datacenter is challenging enough, but for retailers with store infrastructure, it is even more difficult and costly. Or is it? Tripwire VIA for Stores changes all that, providing automation that continuously monitors and assesses in-store and in-hotel devices and servers for undesirable change and suspicious events and helps fix issues before they result in a major security breach.

In this whitepaper, learn:

� Why breaches continue to occur, even when organizations were certified compliant in an audit.

� That most organizations already have all the evidence they need to determine what caused a breach or an attack in progress.

� How organizations can tap into that evidence and intelligent analysis of that critical data to protect their brand and avoid non-compliance fines and other costs.

� How Tripwire VIA for Stores helps organizations affordably find and fix high-risk security issues in the middle of a data deluge.