ROI Case Study IBM: DC Water

by IBM

Mar 15, 2012

Download The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) provides water, sewer, and wastewater treatment services to nearly 600,000 residents, 1.6 million annual visitors, and 700,000 workers in the District of Columbia and parts of Virginia and Maryland.

Nucleus Research examined DC Water's adoption of IBM Business Analytics and found that the deployment enabled employees to utilize more information when making decisions, resulting in lower contract labor costs, the recapture of lost revenues, and reduced call center costs for an astoundingly robust return on investment with payback in only two months with an average annual benefit of over $6M.

The analysts found the specific benefits of the deployment to include: reduced cost of contract workers by improving utilization of field-service employees; reduced call volumes to call center through preventive maintenance and better incident management; reduced fuel costs by reducing number of truck runs completed and recaptured revenues through advanced metering.