Feds Face Challenges in Mobility Mandate

Jan 22, 2013


The goal of the White House's Digital Government Strategy, spelled out in minute detail in a 36-page document, can be summed up in a few words: Make federal information and services available to the public "anytime, anywhere, on any device."

Introduced by President Obama in May, the strategy reflects the fact that most Americans now carry mobile phones, which they increasingly use to get government-provided information on everything from treating cancer to navigating airport security. "The innovative use of technology is fundamentally transforming how the American people do business and live their daily lives," Obama wrote in the memo outlining the strategy and urging agencies to get on board.

The plan calls for building a "21st century platform" to deliver digital services to the public, and it lays out 29 action items to be completed by May 23, 2013. Objectives for each agency include making "high value data" from at least two major IT systems available through Web APIs; establishing a governance structure for developing and delivering digital services; and implementing performance and customer-satisfaction measures on .gov websites.

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