Mobile Gov: A National Strategy Emerges

Feb 25, 2012


Federal Agencies Prepare for National Mobility Strategy

Federal officials are taking a cue from the private sector by establishing a comprehensive and coordinated plan to let government agencies take full advantage of a new generation of mobile devices and applications. The goals of this national mobility strategy, spearheaded by federal CIO Steven VanRoekel, include improving the delivery of information and services, cutting costs, increasing productivity, fostering collaboration and engaging the public.

In this report, we'll look at the platforms in use, the security challenges agencies face, and types of apps that are being developed and used. We'll also look at the unique security requirements of the National Security Agency and how those mandates are affecting its plan to let employees bring their own devices to the office. Finally, we'll show you 14 of the coolest government apps. (R3190212)

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