Axendia White paper: Lowering the Cost of Healthcare from the Inside Out

by IBM

Dec 08, 2011

Download Today, Healthcare providers are under increased pressure to enhance patient care and improve clinical outcomes while reducing costs and ensuring compliance with a myriad of applicable regulations.

To meet these seemingly divergent objectives, Healthcare Administrators are seeking ways to efficiently and effectively manage an increasingly sophisticated mix of Clinial, Biomedical, Facilities, engineering and Health Information Technology assets.

Healthcare Executives are seeking for a new opportunities to lower capital expenditures, extend asset longevity and mazimize service delivery. Proactively managing assets ensure their availability and peak performance through the entire lifecycle, thereby lowering capital and operational expenditures associated with these increasingly complex assets.

Integrated Asset and Service Management solutions provide key capabilities that Healthcare Executives should leverage to:

� Improve uptime to support patient care and optimize procedure scheduling
� Control costs for procurement, maintenance, labor and materials
� Extend asset longevity
� Support regulatory compliance and reporting sctivities

This white paper written by Axendia discusses how integrated asset and service management enables healthcare providers to enhance patient care, improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs and ensure compliance.