The Case for Smarter Healthcare

by IBM

Apr 29, 2012

Download Even as medical science advances, demand for health services increasingly outstrips supply, revealing critical flaws in the systems we use to deliver care.

In some countries healthcare costs are growing twice as fast as inflation; in the United States alone more than $850 billion is wasted each year on things like duplicate lab tests, preventable conditions, and inefficient paper-based systems; and millions of people every year are injured because of prescription medication errors.

It doesn't have to be like this. Healthcare systems can be managed with the same efficiency and success of any other complex system, from electronic banking to telecom-munications. They can yield the same benefits from the deep stores of data being produced every day. Standards can be defined. Data can be exchanged. And the industry can use analytics to diagnose and treat patients with greater quality, efficiency and purpose.

All of the tools and technology to effect this transformation already exist. And the path has already been defined. It is a path to more affordable healthcare. A path to better health. And a path to smarter healthcare.