Prescription for Change: Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Patient Satisfaction

by IBM

Jun 22, 2012

Download All the recent advances in medical science cannot entirely counter the skyrocketing costs, operating inefficiencies and outright fraud that plague the healthcare industry today.

The burden is on providers and payers alike to find resolutions to these challenges that threaten both patient outcomes and profitability. But addressing the problems that haunt healthcare requires a level of insight that most organizations lack.

The reality is that to gain this perspective, healthcare organizations need to look no farther than their patients. After all, the healthcare consumer holds all the cards with respect to both immediate outcome and ongoing concerns.

The key is tapping into this data in real time or near-real time and then extrapolating from this the key details about the current patient experience to better forecast future capacity requirements. Essentially, what healthcare organizations need is an accurate, effective and easy to use predictive analytics tool set to gather, assess and model how patients view their healthcare exchanges.

This information will provide the critical context providers and payers need to continually improve processes, cut out waste and abuse, and ultimately improve patient care and outcomes.