2014 Next-Gen WAN Survey

Nov 26, 2013


Cloud Continues Its March

The cloud's capacity to upset longstanding IT practices and business models seems to know no bounds. Now, cloud services are changing the way enterprises design, deploy, and manage wide area networks. And none too soon for the 241 respondents to our ­InformationWeek 2014 Next-Generation WAN Survey, all from organizations with 50 or more employees, most of whom face increased capacity demand.

>> 82% say they can get the WAN services they need to support business growth, down from 87% saying the same in our 2013 poll.

>> 67% use Carrier Ethernet; 10 Gbps Ethernet/DWDM is poised for growth, with 23% planning to add this service with 24 months.

>> 40% have 16 or more branch or remote office sites connecting to their headquarters or primary data centers.

>> 36% are using (25%) or investigating (11%) cloud-based enterprise WAN services via public Internet connections. Why? Cost savings and speed of deployment, mainly. Yet 78% have security worries.

In this report, we:
>> Examine the state of enterprise WANs today through the lens of our new survey.

>> Take a deep dive into new cloud-based WAN management and delivery services from the likes of Aryaka, Cisco, Google, and Pertino.

>> Discuss ways the cloud can solve networking problems at lower cost and with greater flexibility compared with conventional approaches.

Respondent breakdown: 34% have 5,000 or more employees; 24% are over 10,000. ­Government, financial services, and manufacturing are well-represented, and 41% are IT director/manager or IT executive management (C-level/VP) level. (R7571213)

Survey Name InformationWeek 2014 Next-Generation WAN Survey

Survey Date November 2013

Region North America

Number of Respondents 241 at organizations with 50 or more employees

Purpose To evaluate the use of next-generation WAN technologies in the enterprise

Methodology InformationWeek surveyed business technology decision-makers at North American companies with one or more branch or remote office sites connected to company headquarters or a primary data center and 50 or more employees. The survey was conducted online, and respondents were recruited via an email invitation ­containing an embedded link to the survey. The email invitation was sent to qualified ­InformationWeek subscribers.


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