IT Pro Ranking: LAN Equipment Vendors

Nov 15, 2011


Who Rules the LAN?

We surveyed 444 IT professionals for their perspective on campus LAN switches from six vendors in our 2011 InformationWeek LAN Equipment Vendor Evaluation Survey. Respondents ranked Cisco Systems best overall performer based on a set of 11 criteria, with a score of 77% out of a possible 100%. Hewlett-Packard, Juniper and Brocade all received scores of 73%. Dell scored 71%, and Netgear finished at the bottom of the pack with a score of 70%.

Cisco scored well on product reliability and product performance, the two criteria cited as most important by our respondents. However, Cisco got poor marks on acquisition cost, a clear reflection of the company’s reputation for expensive gear. Dell and Netgear received the highest rankings for acquisition cost.

We also asked respondents to evaluate vendors based on switch features such as port density, 10-Gb uplinks, security and management. Here too, Cisco received the highest ranking, followed by Brocade, HP, Juniper, Dell and Netgear.

While we opened our survey to 14 vendors, only six had enough IT users or evaluators responding to qualify for full assessment in this report. A vendor’s absence from the full evaluation is not a reflection of its performance or capabilities. (R3161111)

Survey Name: InformationWeek LAN Equipment Vendor Evaluation Survey
Survey Date: July 2011
Region: North America
Number of Respondents: 444
Purpose: To determine preference for vendors supplying LAN equipment to enterprise IT organizations

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