Strategy: VPNs for SMBs

Aug 10, 2011


Design on a Dime: VPNs for Small and Midsize Businesses

As small and midsize businesses grow and scale, the need for remote access surfaces quickly. Whether it be the ability to access critical data or applications quickly, the ability to extend Wi-Fi or voice over IP (VoIP) services directly to employee homes, or the ability to access network resources in other offices cheaply, VPNs are a vital element for addressing a wide range of business challenges. 

For SMBs, an investment in a remote access solution is a slam dunk because employees who can work remotely work more (because they can), and they work more productively. So the larger question for SMBs isn’t whether to deploy, but how and partnered with whom. 

Building out a remote access solution used to be complex and expensive, but, as with most maturing technologies, cost and complexity have decreased. That’s certainly where we are today with respect to VPN options for SMBs. In this piece, we’ll to dive into some of the new options that IT managers at SMBs have for building remote capabilities for their businesses. We’ll touch on some of the key design aspects to consider before selecting a vendor, and we’ll look at the costs of each solution profiled. (S3340811)

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