Is Hosted VoIP Right for You? 6 Must-Ask Questions

Mar 26, 2013


Is Hosted VoIP Right for You? 6 Must-Ask Questions

Hosted VoIP may appeal to companies that don’t want to invest scarce resources in ­operating their own internal telephony system. However, given the primary role of voice communications for business, companies have to ensure that a provider’s service will meet day-to-day needs and provide excellent reliability.

Voice is a primary tool for enterprise communications both internally and with ­customers and prospects, so a cloud service has to support both internal and external calling functions. Also, even though the “call control” function might be in the cloud, the end points and possibly other hardware will still be on premises, with voice packets ­running over your existing data infrastructure — that means your network has to be up to snuff. ­Finally, users expect voice services to be reliable, fast and consistent, and businesses must support capabilities such as E911 access.

This report lays out six questions that companies must ask and answer before they ­migrate to a hosted VoIP provider. It also provides insight into how to calculate the cost 

of a hosted service and whether potential customers will want to add collaboration ­capabilities to the voice service. (S6760413)


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